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Albert carranza albert carranza plagueone blacksideview

Plague One: The challenge was to to create a Classic Vehicle design in a sci-fi world.

Vehicle History: Plague One was discovered as an unfinished Prototype
which was later modified to race in the slums of Coruscant.

Albert carranza img 0468
Albert carranza img 0469
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My other favorite design but it didn't quite fit the design brief.

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Alternate Concepts

Albert carranza asymspeeder
Albert carranza albert carranza androidbikerlookdev vmixed

Zero: As the oldest android biker gang leader, the design reflects its origin as as a safety drone pilot who eventually became autonomous through ai deep learning.

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Back view and alternate color ways. Experimenting with different body part colors to communicate the replaced bits he’s gone through over its lifespan.

Albert carranza albert carranza 9ffa9bfa f680 4fa5 beb0 de285712723d

Android Gang leader that many of the autonomous see as their seen as one of the prophets.

Albert carranza centipedeconceptfinalfront
Albert carranza centipedeconceptfinalback
Albert carranza vertigo centipedev2

Concepts for Outer Planet Rally Racing

Albert carranza img 0464

Concepts for Outer Planet Rally Racing

Albert carranza zeroesandones bikecarssketches
Albert carranza spaceexpeditionlandingvehicle 03

Space Expedition Planetary Transport Concepts

Albert carranza spaceexpeditionlandingvehicle 02b
Albert carranza spaceexpeditionlandingvehicle 04
Albert carranza spaceexpeditionlandingvehicleexp 01

Space Expedition Planetary Transport Concepts

Works based on a 2D and 3D Design workflow.