VideoGame Art


A brief summary of my development history.

I was at Riot games for nearly 3 years. I was hired early on when there was only the art director and technical artist. It was a very small team that grew no larger than six at any one point in time. I was given several different roles due to my diverse skill set which I developed as a freelancer. These responsibilities included modeling, texturing, concepting, user interface, and VFX.

After I left Riot, I was picked up by Liquid Entertainment where I worked on Thor, Dungeon s& Dragons, and various Facebook and mobile apps. I started off doing UI for Facebook and mobile which then led me to working on console, and becoming an art lead before I left.

I joined Hidden Variable Studios when I was approached by three former colleagues who I trusted. It was a very small team with a focus on mobile games.  I was brought in to lead the company's art department and I was solely responsible for generating all assets which included concept, user interface, 3-D asset creation, animation, And marketing assets. I was a one-man art team. 

Art from various game titles I worked on.